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Chairman of COFCO met with the CEO of The Coca-Cola Company

On Nov. 29, Zhao Shuanglian, Chairman of COFCO met with visiting Jenny Quincey, Coca-Cola President and CEO.

During the talks, the two sides affirmed CBL’s achievements in team integration, market expansion and performance since the restructuring of China's business, and conducted an in-depth exchange of the future business development.

On Zhao Shuanglian's expectations and requirements on the development of water category business, the development of China-style beverage, and Coca-Cola Global New Products launching first in China's market during his visit to The Coca-Cola Company headquarters, Jenny made positive feedback. Both sides reached a high level of agreement in the development strategy and action plan.

John Murphy, president of Coca-Cola's Asia-Pacific region, Curt Ferguson, the president of Coca-Cola's Greater China and South Korea, Qing Lijun, Director of Strategy and Investment of COFCO, Liu Yun, Deputy Director of the office, COFCO, Luan Xiuju, President of CBL attended the meeting.

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