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Independent Non-executive Directors of China Foods Limited Visited CBL Shanxi OU

On May 16th to 17th, Mr. Stephen Edward Clark, MR. Li Hung Kwan and Mr. Mok Wai Bun, independent non-executive directors of China Foods Limited, visited CBL Shanxi OU.

Independent non-executive directors went to CBL Shanxi plant to know about its 21-year history from its establishment to the process of development and listened to the report of business results given by Zhu Yong, general manager of Shanxi OU. They made positive comments to the performance of Shanxi plant.

Besides, directors investigated the market execution of “key project- business circle construction” in the marketplace. They thought highly of execution performance done by Shanxi OU, including ‘product display, availability of new products, promotion of category mix and O2O’ and application of new technology to realise the promotion from various channels, which was called “promotion system of e-commerce platform”.

Relevant leaders and management team of Shanxi OU accompanied.

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